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Taking Inventory Of Your Home

Do You Have Enough Protection And Do You Know What It Covers?
Many people automatically assume that the proceeds of their insurance policy, written for a specified amount, will be paid in full and will fully reimburse them for their loss if their property is damaged or destroyed by fire. This is true if you have enough insurance and if you can establish the specific value of the items destroyed.

Have A Written Inventory, File It, Test Your Memory
This will help to prove your loss and substantiate any claims against the protection you are paying for. The burden of proving a loss rests upon the policyholder - that's why it's so important to know the exact value of your household goods, so you can give reasonable evidence of your loss.

Take a room in your home. Try to remember everything in it. Check your list against the room's actual contents. What is the value of the articles you missed?

Once your list is complete, turn it over to our office, or keep it in your Safe Deposit Box, or send it to the insurance company. In an emergency it will enable you to register a claim quickly for the amount of loss covered by your insurance policy without the risk of forgetting items protected by your coverage.

Do Not Delay, Download Form & Take Pictures
Take pictures or video tape you contents. Keep these items in a safe place off the premises.

Download, print and complete this Inventory Form now, so you will have a record of your possessions if it is necessary to present a claim. Keep you inventory up-to-date by adding items that you purchase.

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