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Know Your Insurer
We represent a number of fine companies, and we know which ones want your business. In short, we do the shopping for you.

Gaps and Overlaps
Take advantage of our commercial overage survey that eliminates expensive overlaps and reduces the chance of devastating gaps.

Retain Affordable Risk
By prudent "risk retention," you use deductibles to reduce your overall insurance expenditure.

Do Not Under-Insure
Just as we help you not to over-insure, we work with you to review and consider all of your exposures.

Do Not Guess At Limits
Very often increased limits - especially liability - are costly when you underestimate the high-end of a law suit.

Do Not Overlook Excess
A liability policy that picks up where your primary coverage leaves off can not only save you money - it can save your business.

Business Interruption
Can any business owner afford to lose his/her income while waiting to rebuild after a fire or other catastrophe? The answer is NO!

Check for Discounts
Often insurers will provide discounts on the Policy when proper fire walls, sprinkler systems, burglar alarms, etc. are in place.

Products Liability
Because you do not manufacture the products you sell, does not mean you can't be sued - and won't have to pay lawyers.

Multiple Insurers
Sometimes it pays to split your coverages, we can do that when it makes economic sense to use more than one carrier.

We are independent agents representing several companies that want to compete for your business. We'll do the "shopping" for you.

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